Kammermusik Akademie Blonay

Place of Course

The course will be held at

Musikzentrum der Hindemith-Stiftung in Blonay, Lacuez 3, 1807 Blonay (near Lausanne and Vevey), Switzerland

Tel. +41 21 943 05 20

The Chalet Lacroix was built at the beginning of the 20th century and later on a modern annexe pavilion was added. The Centre is situated in an big park above the City of Vevey and has a wonderful view over the Lake of Geneva and the Alps of Savoy. There are several rooms for rehearsals, namely 4 big rooms and 3 studios with 7 grand pianos and a one harpsicord.

The participants will have rooms with 2 - 4 beds and three meals a day are included.