Kammermusik Akademie Blonay

Description of the Course

The focus of the course is to play music in different chamber music ensembles. One main point is the exploration and shaping of respiration, pulse, articulation and phrasing as welle as the influence on interaction and interplay. Questions about historical instruments praxis and playing on historical instruments are as well inlcuded. Experiments with unusual instrumentation will lead to positive surprises.

The professors give 4 hours chamber music and 2 hours instrumental lessons.
Every participant receives every day at least one hour chamber music coaching.

The course is meant for students and advanced youth and music professors to whom the course was recommended as further formation from the SMPV.

It is possible to apply as sole participant as well as an ensemble. Every participant will be attributed to a group according to their formation and skill. The pianists have the possibility to gain further experience in basso continuo on the harpsicord. No previous experience is required.